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No one has your back when you’re shopping online.

Companies like Amazon and Google don’t care about what’s best for you and only about making as much money as possible by using you. Taking advantage of their massive influence on which products you discover, they charge brands billions of dollars to show you their product first — regardless of its actual worth. This forces brands to compete over marketing rather than product quality.Today’s commerce system is fundamentally against you, leaving you to research endlessly to get the best value for your money.

With Vetted, you’re no longer on your own.

Our mission is to make savvy shopping simple. That's why we built Vetted, an AI-powered product research engine that automates and even enhances your shopping process. It compares every product in a category, checks prices across retailers, and analyzes millions of trustworthy reviews — making  it easy for you to find the right product.

Unlike companies out to squeeze every dollar from you, we'll always tell you the truth  even if it means recommending products that don't earn us commissions. We care more about being honest than we do about making money.

Let's create the future of shopping together.

With Vetted, we can rewire the commerce system so that:

  • everyone can shop confidently without the burden of endless product research,

  • brands win by making the highest quality products, not by paying the most to promote them,

  • commerce isn't monopolized by a handful of companies but open to everyone.

Our vision is to create a commerce system that can only exist when centered on the consumer's best interest.

Where we are today

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We started in 2019 with the idea that the commerce system should serve — not exploit — the consumer. We’re working to make that a reality. And we’re backed by the world’s leading investors.

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