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Our core principles


We only give recommendations we’re confident about and invest in product experts to continually review them, no matter the cost.

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We’ll always tell you what’s best for your money — even if it means recommending products that don’t earn us commissions.

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We believe that privacy is a fundamental right. That’s why we don’t collect any personal information, even if it hinders the growth of our company.

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As Vetted learns, we double-check its recommendations for accuracy and guide its learning so it gets smarter over time.

We train Vetted

We build the AI-powered research engine that allows Vetted to gather and process product information like a savvy shopper would — at scale.

We power Vetted

We design Vetted so that it’s always easy, helpful, and fun to use. We also introduce Vetted to the world to help more shoppers stay savvy.

We make Vetted delightful.

We're obsessed with creating the future of shopping.

Whether we’re shaping data or pushing pixels, we each have our part in building Vetted to make savvy shopping simple.